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Company TechXB Social Media Training and Consulting.

TechXB is a training and consulting organization designed to help you integrate digital technologies within the realm of your business – efficiently, constructively and as part of a long-term plan for your company. We offer digital training courses as well as tailor-made consulting services to answer all of your needs.

Digital technology has revolutionized business in a way that can no longer be ignored by those seeking to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. Whatever industry you operate in, digital technology offers unparalleled business opportunities that can be leveraged both internally, within your company, and externally, between your company and other key players in your industry – turning your organization into a far more efficient organism. Digital technology is here to stay; embracing it in your business now is thus key to avoid lagging behind everyone else tomorrow.


Book A bit about the book

Social Media in Business: Succeeding in the New Internet Revolution is a guide to the understanding of social media’s business value as well as to its successful implementation within the realm of your organization. A backbone for our online course, the book puts forward the key benefits of using social media within business as well as its potential risks, followed by a discussion of efficient mitigation strategies. The book further unveils the 3 CORE Project System model; a system designed to implement social media within an adapted, step-by-step formula in order to optimize its benefits and minimize risks.

About Us About us


Farah Hesdin is the Community Manager and Writer at Social Media in Business. Farah researches on different topics in the fields of business, management, travel and culture, with a particular interest for the way technology and social media have revolutionized our society and business world, a trend which only promises to grow in the years to come.


James Kilgarriff is the Consultant and Trainer at Social Media in Business and has over 25 years of sales and marketing experience gained in the corporate world. This includes new business direct sales, channel management and sales management gained in technology sectors, including with Lucent Technologies, Unysis, Siemens and Avaya Inc for which he was the Sales director for a telecommunications reseller. He is also a highly sought-after personal development speaker and Founding Associate member of Association for Coaching in the UK.


Steve Nicholls is the author of the best-selling “Social Media in Business”, international speaker, and digital strategist who helps business executives implement a winning social media strategy into their organization. Steve grows client revenue with his proven approach that social media needs to be implemented at the senior level and integrated into the DNA of the entire organization. Steve tailors social media strategy to help companies maximize benefits while identifying and mitigating risks.