By joining the course Social Media in Business Bookinar, you will have access to a set of different bonuses and tools to help you through your learning process, as well as to use at your leisure after the course has ended. Please check our learning section to find out more

The cool tools, which can be found under the ‘Tools’ section in the members’ area, are a major plus for our members.  Whether you have enrolled for a general open course or a specific corporate course, the cool tools are available for all our members.

So what are the cools tools?

They are, in short, a long list of a range of social media tools for business. This valuable list will not only allow you to learn all about the useful tools for business available online – saving you a huge amount of time and effort – but you will also be provided with a description of each tool – explaining how it can be used in business – and a direct link to the social media platform itself, so you can directly sign up for an account and try it for yourself!

More interestingly, we are not talking about mainstream platforms which everybody already knows about like Facebook or Twitter, but tools that you probably have never heard of before such as, to give just a very few examples:

  • Boardreader: a message board search engine designed to search at the thread level for appropriate information and view postings from multiple bards.


  • Buzzstream: an application that integrates social media monitoring and relationship management


  • Spruz: a free website creation and hosting service


These three social media applications provide a mere glimpse as to what awaits you with the cool tools. You will thus be able to browse the abundance of information at your leisure, try out as many tools as you want and end up choosing those applications that help you towards achieving your own, specific business goals.


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